ThanksgivingThanksgiving, and the days surrounding the holiday, are some of the most dangerous days for driving. An increase in drunk drivers and vehicles on the road can make the holidays turn tragic.  If you plan on driving over the next few days, please do so with caution and most importantly never drink and drive.

In Pennsylvania, car accidents will rise over the next three days. The days surrounding Thanksgiving are known as some of the most dangerous and deadly. In 2016, Pre-Thanksgiving (the day before), Thanksgiving and Black Friday (the day after) had a total of 4,531 crashes with 54 deaths.  An increase in alcohol consumption and the number of vehicles on the road, may be to blame for the increase in crashes.

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The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimate that two to three times more people die as a result of an alcohol related accident during the holiday than any other time during the year.  The 2016 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistic book says that 11% of all holiday crashes included alcohol use; however, 32% of deaths that occurred during the holidays were caused by an alcohol related accident.

You can help keep this Thanksgiving safe by doing your part.  If you plan on consuming alcohol, make sure you have a designated driver, a cab or a bus service lined up ahead of time.  Remember even one drink can increase the risk of an accident and a DUI.  Expect an increase in traffic so give yourself plenty of time when traveling to avoid speeding.  And as always, eliminate all distractions while behind the wheel.

We hope you have a safe and happy beginning to the holiday season.  

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Source: 2016 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistic Book

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