Eyewitnesses report seeing the driver talking on his cell phone as the bus sideswiped several cars, crashed through a metal gate, and collided with the house. The four injured children, aged 9-12, were listed as stable and were expected to be released from St. Christopher’s Hospital the same day.

When the bus finally came to a stop, most of the hood was deep in the side of the brick house. A structural inspection was pending before the residents would be allowed back in.

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Several eyewitnesses commented on the fact that the driver had been on his cell phone for at least a block before the bus started to lose control, and even seemed to be talking on the phone as the bus approached the house. While police questioned the driver, who was uninjured, he denied that he was on the phone at the time No charges were made, and no official cause of the crash was given.

December is Distracted Driving Month, an important time to recall that any distraction, no matter how common or seemingly small, can reduce your focus on your most important task as a driver – operating the vehicle safely.

Source: School Bus Hits House, 4 Students Hurt

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