Assigned Claims Plan.

The Assigned Claims Plan is an avenue of recovering for those who are involved in a Pennsylvania auto accident and there is no insurance coverage available to them.

This is often seen in pedestrian hit and run accidents where the driver is not found, and the pedestrian does not have their own car. 

These claims are also often seen in one car accidents where the plaintiff is the passenger, and the driver is not insured.

What does the Assigned Claims Plan provide?

The Assigned Claim Plan offers a chance of recovery to those who are injured through no fault of their own, but do not have insurance coverage available to them.

When qualifying individuals make a claim, the Assigned Claims Plan essentially acts in place of the insurance company.

The Assigned Claims Plan offers state minimum coverages. As such, there will be $15,000.00 available to qualifying individuals in bodily injury coverage for injuries suffered and $5,000.00 is medical coverage to qualifying individuals who do not otherwise have health insurance.

Who qualifies for the Assigned Claims Plan

The Assigned Claims Plan is meant to be a last resort. This is made clear when reviewing the qualifying criteria of the statute. 75 Pa.C.S.§ 1752 states that an individual must be the following to qualify for a claim under the Assigned Claims Plan:

  • A Pennsylvania resident
  • Injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident
  • Does not own a car registered in Pennsylvania
  • Was not operating a vehicle owned by the Federal government or its many agencies
  • Was not operating a vehicle self-insured or immune entity/individual
  • Has no other avenue to secure first party benefits
  • Is not operating a motorized vehicle not intended for highway use (four-wheeler, go-cart, etc.) or a motorcycle
  • Was not attempting to injure oneself intentionally
  • The injuries were not sustained during a criminal endeavor

These requirements might seem imposing at first glance as they are so numerous. However, there are more situations than the average person may think which fall under the Assigned Claim Plan. Contact Berger and Green to evaluate the possibility of a claim under the Assigned Claims Plan.

Recovering compensation after an automobile accident.

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