The man suffered severe injuries; he died later that day at a hospital. After striking the man, the motorist apparently did not stop but instead drove to the home of his girlfriend. He called 911 only after he got to her home nearby. It is hard to say if the man’s injuries were so severe that he would not have survived if he had received quicker treatment, but every second can be crucial when a person is seriously injured.

Police did not immediately file any charges against the driver or name either of the people involved in the case. However, an investigation of the accident was being undertaken by Pittsburgh police.

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If the driver is not criminally charged in the case, that does not preclude the family who has lost a loved one from filing a wrongful lawsuit against the man who was behind the wheel of the SUV. It may not be enough for the family even if the motorist is sentenced to a long jail term, which is far from a certainty at this point. The family might wish to seek damages for the loss of the man’s future income, among other considerations.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Man killed in Bloomfield pedestrian accident,” March 30, 2013

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