What If My Car Accident Injuries Are Delayed?

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After an accident, many people feel fine and do not bother seeking medical treatment. Then, days later they feel pain they had not felt before. In any case, it is extremely important to seek medical treatment following an accident; something serious could be wrong and you may not be aware.

Since Pennsylvania is a no fault state, your medical bills will be covered by your own car insurance. These are known as your first party benefits. You purchase these benefits when you choose your insurance policy. The amount of coverage will be based upon your specific policy. It is important to know that not every state is a no fault state like Pennsylvania.

Following an accident, insurance companies are quick to contact you and have you sign paperwork that will waive your rights away. You should never sign paperwork with them until you are sure you have not been injured in the accident. You have two years after an accident in which to settle the claim or file a lawsuit. This means, if you do in fact have future injuries because of the accident, you can still recover damages up to two years after if you did not sign those rights away.

In order to make a successful claim for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, you must provide medical documentation. The only way to prove to the insurance companies that your injuries were in fact sustained in the accident is to have medical evidence from doctors. It is important you seek medical attention if you feel you have been injured in any way following an accident.

Recovering compensation after an accident.

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