Two boys, ages 5 and 6 and one girl, age 10 fell out of a bounce house when it was picked up into the air by a large gust of wind. The bounce house ripped away from the lines that were holding it to the ground. The girl is said to have been able to get out of the bounce house quickly, only sustaining minor injuries. The boys however, fell out of the bounce house when it was at least 15 feet high, a neighbor reports. One boy fell on a parked car while the other fell to the ground. No information from the hospital has been released about their injuries.

According to HealthDay News, an average of 31 children a day go to U.S. emergency rooms due to bounce house injuries. Many of these injuries include broken bones and arm and leg sprains.

There will most likely be an investigation in the bounce house product to see if there were any defects in the house. If a defect is found, there could be a product liability case brought forth against the maker of the bounce house.

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If you are going to provide a bounce house for your children, make sure they are at least 6 years old. Also, most accidents happen when multiple children are in the house and a collision between them occurs. Try and limit the number of children in the bounce house and also the amount of time each child gets to prevent exhaustion. Ultimately parental supervision is key when children are in a bounce house.

If your child has been injured in a bounce house accident due to a product defect, contact a product liability attorney to see what options may be available to you.


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