The growing awareness of talcum powder came after a study was published in the medical journal Cancer Prevention Research in June 2013. The study showed that women who had used various genital powders with talc as the main ingredient faced a 20-30% greater risk of developing ovarian cancer. Many women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer are pursuing a class action lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson’s. In October 2013, a South Dakota jury found enough evidence to prove a connection between using Johnson and Johnson’s Shower-to-Shower body powder and ovarian cancer.

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If you or someone you know used a talcum powder product and were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you may have a product liability claim. Contact an experienced product liability attorney to see what options may be available to you.

Although studies show the risk is small, women should be aware that there may be a risk associated with using talcum powder. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified talc that contains asbestos as a carcinogenic. The American Cancer Society suggests until further information is brought forth, women should limit the use of talcum powder if concerned.


American Cancer Society

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