According to federal safety regulators, the age of the airbags was believed to be one of the main contributing factors that were making them explode. The recall mainly affected model cars that were manufactured in 2008 and older

Takata has now reached out to the 12 auto-manufactures that have been affected by the airbags and told them that their newer model cars may also be affected.

The new notice to auto-manufacturers orders them to stop selling any affected car, if not they will be responsible for any lawsuits filed due to the the sale of an affected or unrepaired car.

Honda reported that Honda and Acura vehicle models as new as 2016 may be affected in this latest recall. Honda, which includes Acura vehicles, has the most recalled vehicles making their total approximately 8.51 million. To see a complete list of affected vehicles, click here.

The Takata airbag recall is one of the largest recalls ever. So far, there have been nine deaths reported in the U.S. along with multiple reports of serious injuries.

The Takata airbag recall began back in 2013 when they announced the issue with the faulty airbags. The airbags have been known to release sharp metal fragments when they deploy, injuring drivers and passengers.

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Source:, “Takata airbag situation is worse than first though, recalls expected for newer models”

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