Illnesses: Illnesses are one of the most common incidents to occur on cruise ships. The Norwalk virus, often called the stomach flu, is one of the most common illnesses people on cruise ships experience. It is a gastrointestinal illness that is highly contagious and is most commonly caught on cruise ships. The virus contaminates food and can also contaminate surfaces an infected person touches. Wash your hands frequently and drink plenty of fluids while on the cruise ship to help avoid this illness. An illness can also occur if food is not stored or handled properly. It is the responsibility of the staff to follow food safety protocols to ensure these requirements are met.

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Falls: Falls on cruise ships are a common occurrence. Remember, you are onboard a moving vessel. It is important to walk slow and use railings when available. Do not hang on railings near any part of the ship where you could fall overboard. It is a cruise ship’s responsibility to keep the ship safe from anything that could cause a passenger to fall. If a fall would occur due to the negligence of the cruise ship’s staff, a personal injury claim may be pursued.

Cruise Ship Accidents: Although rare, these accidents do happen. Rough seas, a mechanical defect or a fire can all cause an accident to occur. If you were injured in a cruise ship accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Accidents can occur at any time so it is important to practice these and other safety tips when vacationing aboard a cruise ship.

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