What To Do If You Are Injured On Vacation.

Although an accident can occur at any time, when traveling through unfamiliar places, your chance of an accident or injury occurring is even higher.

Whether you get injured on a cruise, at a hotel or while visiting a foreign city, take these steps following your accident to protect your rights:

  • Notify: If you fall, get injured or get ill while vacationing, it is important to notify the proper personnel right away. This can happen at a hotel, restaurant, store or at an attraction.
  • Seek Medical Treatment: Seeking medical treatment after an injury or illness will help protect your rights. Physicians will document their findings.
  • Document: Document as much as you can at the scene or place where your illness or injury occurred. If you are able, take pictures of the scene, your injuries and any other supporting information.
  • Collect Information: Get phone numbers from the establishment for managers, owners or witnesses.
  • Contact an Attorney: Talking to an attorney can help alleviate stress and provide you with some clarity regarding your injuries and right to pursue a personal injury claim.

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Recovering compensation after an accident.

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