2019 New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

2019 New Year’s Eve SafetyNew Year’s Eve is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for drinking related accidents. In 2018 there were 62 drinking related accidents that occurred on New Year’s Eve and 130 drinking related crashes that occurred on New Year’s. (after midnight New Year’s Eve)
Driving under the influence is not only illegal it can be expensive. A DUI will cost thousands of dollars. Fines, towing fees, court fees and a possible breathalyzer instillation are just a few things that add up when you get a DUI. While getting a DUI is costly, nothing compares to the risk of putting innocent lives in danger. If you were involved in an accident while driving under the influence, the injured party may file a claim against you in addition to the criminal charges you may also face. A DUI is never worth it. There is always an alternative to getting home safely.

  • Have a designated driver: This can be a friend or family member who will not drink and will drive you home. The importance of having a designated driver is having someone you know, and trust safely get you home.
  • Uber: A mobile app that connects riders to drivers in their area who are available. To schedule a pickup and to see their fees, download their app or visit their website.
  • Stay home: Plan an evening in. Make a nice meal and plan some games for the night. Watch the ball drop in the comfort of your home.
  • Hosting a party: Avoid making alcohol the focus of the party and offer plenty of non-alcoholic beverages. Try serving nutritious and appealing foods all night to keep your guests full and to keep their minds off drinking. If you are serving alcohol at your party, make sure to stop serving one hour before the end of the party and never serve anyone who is underage. As the host, try and provide designated drivers for your guests or call a cab service for them. Lastly, never let an intoxicated person leave on their own or drive a vehicle.

Recovering compensation after an accident.

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