Unfortunately, even products designed for children can be unsafe. Especially if the manufacturer did a bad job designing or manufacturing the item, or failed to sufficiently warn parents about potential hazards. Everyday things like toys, high chairs, car seats and cribs can contain a defect that leads to serious injury.

Nothing is more frightening than a son or daughter who has been seriously hurt. The hours and days after the injury can be agonizing and uncertain. You may not yet know the extent of your child’s injuries, and what kind of medical treatment will be necessary. Then there is the recovery time, and the question of whether your son or daughter will be permanently disabled.

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Taking care of your child is of course your first priority after an accident. Following doctor’s orders is vital. We also recommend keeping meticulous records of everything related to the accident. Write down everything you and your child remember from that day, along with a running record of his or her symptoms, moods and lifestyle changes. Use a calendar to keep track of all doctor’s appointments and hospital visits.

We also suggest talking with a personal injury attorney about what happened. If your child was hurt by a defective product, your family should not have to bear the burden of paying for his care. An attorney experienced with products liability cases can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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