The research facility, called the Uber Advanced Technologies Center, is a partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and Uber. In addition to the development of driverless vehicles the work done at the robotics research facility will focus on improved safety and mapping.

For many residents of the Pittsburgh area Uber has become the go-to service to get from one place to another, over cabs. It is possible that should the vehicles become driverless, in addition to being a novelty they would also be safer.

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When this technology would take effect and whether it would in fact be safer is unclear. It is possible that even if they would be safer, accidents due to mechanical failure could still occur. In those instances a lawsuit could still be appropriate. Instead of filing such a claim against an individual however, an entity could instead be named as a defendant.

In the meantime, people driving for Uber will likely continue to transport passengers from point A to point B. Should a crash occur under those circumstances a personal injury lawyer could be of assistance. As is the case with any lawsuit following a crash it is important to take action in a timely manner.

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