Police reported that the 29-year-old pregnant woman, got out of her vehicle because she was out of gas and filling up her tank. A gas can was found underneath her car at the scene of the accident along with other gas station merchandise.

As she was standing behind her vehicle, a car came and crashed into her from behind. Both the pregnant woman and the driver of the vehicle that hit her were transported to UPMC Altoona Hospital. The woman and her unborn child both died due to their injuries in the hospital. There is no word on the driver’s injuries at this time.

The woman was 32 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

Police are still investigating the accident. It is not certain why the driver was unable to stop before striking the woman and her vehicle. No charges have been filed at this time.

Police encourage anyone with a vehicle that is broken down on the highway, to call them so they can send out assistance. Getting out of a vehicle on any road is always dangerous.

If the driver is found at fault, they could face serious charges. The family of the victims may file a wrongful death claim.

Filing a claim after losing a love one will never fill the void that is left. It is not a matter of profiting for the family left behind, but rather recovering. The recovery made can alleviate the unexpected funeral costs and expenses accrued when a loved one passes.

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