Auto insurance policy

In Pennsylvania, you have the option to select either full tort or limited tort on your auto insurance policy

If you choose limited tort and are involved in an accident, but do not sustain what is considered to be a serious injury, you will not be eligible for pain and suffering damages.  There are, however, exceptions to this law.

Pennsylvania law limits when a Pennsylvania insured may recover pain and suffering and other non-economic damages if the insured had accepted limited tort coverage in exchange for a reduced insurance premium.

The attorneys at Berger and Green have often been successful in collecting noneconomic damages in a number of cases.  Generally, we can get around limited tort:

  • If you sustained a serious injury
  • If you have sustained disfigurement
  • If your loved one died as the result of the collision
  • If you were a pedestrian
  • If you were a bicyclist or motorcyclist
  • If you were injured by a drunken driver (you will eventually need a conviction or ARD)
  • If you were not riding in a private passenger motor vehicle at the time (for example, a bus, or a work vehicle)
  • If the driver who hit you was from out of state
  • If you do not own a vehicle required to be registered and do not live with a resident relative who has insurance or if your relative has full tort coverage
  • If you did not sign paperwork selecting limited tort coverage when you signed up for your policy
  • If you have more than one vehicle and the vehicle involved in the accident had full tort
  • If the vehicle that hit you was defective or not repaired correctly (does not necessarily apply to your claim against the driver)

Recovering compensation after an automobile accident.

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