Supporters of the cameras feel this will help the city by protecting drivers and pedestrians at intersections by eliminating the number of drivers who run through red lights. Non-supporters feel this could make drivers afraid of visiting the city due to being ticketed. Also a rise in rear-end accidents are a topic of concern as well.

The state’s Department of Transportation will be in charge of placing the cameras and maintaining them. The cameras will be placed at up to 20 intersections that city officials feel to be the most dangerous for drivers and pedestrians or have the most issues with people running red lights. The cameras will only take photos when someone runs a red light; taking a photo of the vehicle and their license plate is how they will identify the driver. The images are said to be destroyed 30 days after fines are distributed. Also, there will be signage where all red-light enforcement cameras are placed so drivers are aware. Motorists caught running red lights will face $100 in civil penalties; however, it is not supposed to affect their auto insurance quotes.

Once the money is collected it will be first be allocated to the operation of the lights and then the rest will go to PennDot, where they will then disperse the money though a competitive grant process to municipalities in the area.

The new ordinance will have to be reauthorized in 2017 where they will then determine if the red-light cameras are benefiting the city or not.

Source: “Council gives green light to cameras at red lights”

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