Pennsylvania Reinstates Reconsideration Step

Pennsylvania Reinstates Reconsideration Step for Disability Applicants.

Pennsylvaniaresidents who have been denied SSD or SSI benefits will now have a new step called, reconsideration.

This step will follow after a person has been denied from the application, and before a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge.

The reconsideration step has been reinstated in hopes that it will reduce the large case backlog. At this time, it can take anywhere from 18-24 months for a hearing.

Once denied benefits from an initial application, PA residents will now have to submit a second examiner for “reconsideration” before they can appeal to an administrative law judge. For the last 10 years PA residents, along with 9 other states, could, skip this step.

The SSA believes adding the reconsideration step will help with the current backlog, however, other disability advocates fear this will only add more time to the total process.

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Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Pennsylvania residents seeking disability benefits will have a new step to consider”

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