The bus was transporting senior citizens. The driver of the bus has been suspended until further investigation can be completed. According to the, the bus was connected to the SeniorLIFE Center in Ebensburg.

The deceased was a passenger on the bus. She was ejected from the vehicle. Two other passengers on the bus were injured. The driver of the Lexus was also injured in the accident. The bus driver was not injured in the crash.

Bus accidents are often tragic because multiple passengers can suffer serious injuries. Other factors that contribute to the severity of bus accidents include; seatbelt are often not present, usually there are no airbags, passengers may be standing, objects within the bus may become projectiles, and the forces involved in bus accidents can be much greater than those involved in auto crashes.

Victims of bus accidents and their families should contact a lawyer if they suffer an injury due to a bus accident. In a bus accident, it may be confusing to determine liability and insurance coverage.


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