This is an issue that impacts millions of individuals throughout the nation. According to one statistic, annually 2.5 million visits to the emergency room are made due to traumatic brain injuries. While research indicates that TBIs are more commonly suffered by boys, a new study indicates that girls who deal with this injury are actually more likely to experienced behavioral problems. These problems include smoking cigarettes, being the target of bullying, contemplating suicide and experiencing psychological distress.

Though the difference between the genders is not clear, researchers speculate a variety of factors could be at play including differences in cognitive abilities, treatment differences and hormonal differences.

The study focused specifically on 9,288 students in grades 7 through 12 who lived in Ontario. While the study was conducted in Canada, there is a good chance that its results mirror what would be found in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Many different situations could lead to a TBI. While sports such as football, soccer, basketball and even cheerleading can cause them, so too can falls in stairways, accidents at amusement parks, slip-and-fall accidents, bicycle accidents pedestrian accidents and motor vehicle accidents. When negligence on the part of another person is to blame for any of these, a personal injury lawsuit could be appropriate.

Source: Time, “How A Girl’s Brain Changes After a Traumatic Brain Injury,” Alexandra Sifferlin, Sept. 30, 2014

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