GM has organized a compensation program for individuals and their families who have suffered from a serious injury or death due to the defective switches in their vehicles. GM has appointed an attorney to handle the program and they waived their right to disagree with the attorney’s conclusions. Currently, there is no cap on the compensation program. The deadline to submit a claim is December 31, 2014.

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So far there have been 125 claims of death, in which 19 have been accepted by GM’s compensation program. There are 58 claims of serious injuries that include: double amputation, brain damage and quadriplegia. Four of those claims have been accepted. There have also been 262 claims of minor injuries that required a hospitalization or other treatment. Eight of those claims have been accepted by GM.

For more information on GM’s recalls, you can visit our blog post here where we have been following GM’s latest news.

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Time, “GM Lawyer Increases Death Toll From Recalled Cars”

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