Unfortunately, this was not the end of the car accident. The force of the first driver’s car colliding with the second driver’s car was enough to send the second car into a third car. Even worse, the third car was carrying a woman and four small children.

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While these circumstances could easily have led to tragic results, fortunately, there were no fatalities in the accident. The woman and children in the third car did go to the hospital via ambulance to be evaluated for their injuries. The man in the second car said that one of his legs was hurt, and he told police that he was going to go to the hospital on his own.

The driver of the pickup truck was apparently uninjured in the incident. However, in addition to being cited for causing the crash, the man might face a lawsuit from the people who were injured in the car wreck. Many people who are injured in similar accidents consult with personal injury attorneys to determine their next steps.

Source: Hellertown-Lower Saucon Patch, “Driver Caused Chain Reaction Accident on I-78, Police Say,”  Josh Popichak, July 4, 2013

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