The CPSC filed an administrative complaint against the company after talks to bring about a voluntary recall broke down. The CPSC’s action seeks a court order requiring the company to notify the public about the defect and offer a full refund.

Baby Matters, LLC did recall the Nap Nanny Generation One recliner in July 2010 after the death of one infant. Subsequent design improvements and improved warnings have not prevented 4 more infant deaths. Over 70 cases of the infant hanging from the edge or nearly falling out of the recliner, even when safety harnesses are used as instructed have also been reported.

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The recliner is intended for infant sleeping, resting, and playing, and is a foam base shaped for the baby. A fabric cover with a three point harness is included. The recliners are manufactured by Berwyn, Pennsylvania-based Baby Matters, LLC. There have been 5,000 Nap Nanny Generation One and 50,000 Generation Two models sold from 2009 to early this year, but both models have been discontinued. Their replacement, the Nap Nanny Chill has been on the market since January 2011, and is also part of the CPSC’s complaint.

The CPSC warns parents against continued use of the product, asserting that there is significant risk of serious injury and death for the infant.


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