A Pennsylvania woman is all too well aware of this. During a visit to an ACME store this past summer, the woman fell in an aisle that among other things, housed soap and shampoo. She said she slipped on sticky liquid substance that was on the floor. As a result of the fall the woman said her right ankle and leg swelled and she was unable to drive home. Following the incident she sought medical attention and was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

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As a result of the pain and suffering the woman experienced following the slip-and-fall, she and her husband filed a premises liability lawsuit against SuperValu, the owner of ACME, seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

In addition to premises liability, the lawsuit also contains counts of loss of consortium and negligence.

How the case will be resolved remains to be seen. In response to the lawsuit, SuperValu recently sought to remove the lawsuit to federal court.

The presence of slippery substances on store floors is an issue that could affect any establishment that carries items that if dropped could create such a pool. When such a condition exists, as this lawsuit illustrates, it is vital that someone at the store address the matter in a timely fashion. When that does not happen, it is possible that a situation such as this one might occur and the injured party could seek damages via a civil lawsuit.

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Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “ACME, SuperValu seek removal of slip-and-fall case to federal court,” Jon Campisi, Dec. 3, 2013

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