Three rides at Kennywood have malfunctioned over the last few weeks. The issues have caused inspectors from the Department of Agriculture to pay a visit to the park.

The Phantom’s Revenge stopped for three minutes due to the ride’s safety system.

The brakes on the Pirate Ship failed causing the ride to last eight minutes longer than usual. Several riders reported severe nausea after they got off the ride.

The new much anticipated ride, Journey with Thomas, (part of Thomas Town) derailed twice in one week.

Kennywood’s general manager assured that no one was injured during any of those incidents.  Safety is their number one priority and they are working hard to fix all issues.

Recovering compensation after an accident.

Amusement parks are responsible for providing a safe environment for their workers and guests. Rides should be properly maintained and inspected. Debris and garbage should be picked up and security personnel should always be available. Also, as patrons of an amusement park, it is important to follow all rules to avoid a serious injury. 

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Source:  WPXI, “Inspectors visit Kennywood after several ride issues”

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