Ice and snow on your driveway, stairs, and private sidewalks can also be a problem. If someone slips and falls because you failed to remove the snow in a timely manner, you can be held liable. It is your responsibility to keep your property safe for others. Clearing ice and snow as quickly as possible can reduce your risk of a slip-and-fall accident happening on your property.

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Black ice can be a problem because many homeowners do not even see it when they are clearing their property. While this can be used as a defense in a personal injury lawsuit, it also prevents the defense from claiming the plaintiff saw the hazard and walked on the ice anyway. Being certain to clear all areas of your property can help guard against black ice after snow and freezing rain.

If someone does slip on your property, a personal injury claim can be brought against you for negligence. Common defenses for slip and fall cases are that the plaintiff knew about the danger (or should have reasonably known) and did not choose to avoid it, or that there had been insufficient time for you to clear your property before the slip and fall accident. If a slip and fall claim is made against you, be sure to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider as they will provide an attorney.


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