He was allegedly intoxicated when he was driving around 1 a.m. This time, however, the price would be much higher than a drunken driving arrest. This time, he is said to have driven the wrong way on Route 22, slamming head-on into another vehicle — killing the other driver on the spot.

This time, the party had turned into a tragedy; heartache that will never end for the elderly parents of the 50-year-old man killed.

“I know he didn’t mean it,” the dead man’s mother said of the alleged drunken driver. “This young man didn’t do it intentionally, but I lost a son I can’t replace.”

The grief of a mother who has lost a child is bottomless. As she speaks, she reveals an undying anger with the 25-year-old now sitting in jail, charged with homicide by motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

“He needs to stay there,” she says to a newspaper. “He needs to learn from this. He owes the world a good man, because he took one.”

The good man taken from his parents was also taken from the family business, making him irreplaceable in more ways than one.

For those parents, and for others in similarly tragic circumstances, there is no way to regain what they have lost. But there is a means of holding the perpetrator responsible. A wrongful death claim can result in compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

A discussion with an experienced Pittsburgh wrongful death attorney begins the process of getting justice for your loved one.