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Returning to Work After a Work Injury.

If you have been injured on the job and collected workers’ compensation as a result of your injury, you may have some questions about returning to work. Read on for more tips on how to safely return to work after an injury.

  • Talk to Your Employer: Keeping in contact with your employer is important if you plan to return to work. Let them know how you are feeling and what your doctors are saying.
  • Only Go Back When You Are Ready: Do not return to work until you are cleared by your doctor to do so. Returning too early could result in another injury and more time off from work.
  • Return to Work Form: When your doctor feels you can safely return to work, you will receive a Notice of Ability to Return to Work. This form will include any work restrictions you may need your employer to observe.
  • Return to Work Plan: Once receiving your Return to Work Form, it is a good idea to contact your employer to outline a plan.
  • Keep a List of Restrictions on Hand: If your doctors have placed restrictions for returning to work, you should always keep those on hand when returning to work. This is a good reminder for you and your employer to make sure you are doing jobs that are safe.

If you have been cleared to go back to work, but find you cannot do the work you once did due to your injury, contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your options.

Recovering compensation after an accident

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