Never Go Down Slides with Your ChildrenMany parents believe accompanying their small children down slides at parks is better for their children.  A pediatrician warns parents that that is not always the case. Research shown to the Academy of Pediatrics states that children are more likely to be injured if they ride down a slide with an adult rather than by themselves.  This is because when a child rides alone, they can slide down more slowly. When they ride down with an adult, the added weight pushes the child down the slide faster.

The research explains that children have much softer bones than adults so the injuries they sustain can be very severe and happen more easily.  

Research also showed that children 12 months to 23 months old suffered the most injuries when riding down slides.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, slides rank third for being the most hazardous playground equipment.

Ensure your child’s safety by never riding down a slide with them, always monitoring them closely at parks and making sure they are using age appropriate equipment.

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Source: Deseret News, “The reason you should never go down a slide with your child”

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