The first thing to do is to stay at the scene of the car accident. Though a seemingly obvious step, you’d be surprised how many people end up fleeing the scene. That causes so many legal problems for people in the future, so don’t flee the scene. Then you should check on the other people involved. Medical help may be necessary, so call 911 if that’s the case and follow their directions. If medical help isn’t necessary, then have a calm conversation with the people involved and exchange information.

When you are talking with the other people in the crash, don’t admit to anything. There’s no need to apologize or assume blame for anything — just exchange information and remain calm.

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You should gather some evidence to help your side of the story. For example, use your cellphone to take pictures of the accident scene. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, and any skid marks or other evidence at the scene. You can also talk to witnesses of the crash and see if they are comfortable giving you a statement on the crash or if they are comfortable giving you their contact information.

A car accident is scary, and it is difficult to keep a cool head in the wake of such a crash. But if you remain calm and address everything appropriately, it can really help you down the line.

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