Pokémon Go is an app based game that has become widely popular in the last month. For those unfamiliar with the game, the purpose of the game is to capture creatures called Pokémon in order to train them and battle other Pokémon. The app is largely based on GPS while players must move in the real world to participate in the game.

While searching for Pokémon, some people have forgotten to focus on their surroundings, leading to dangerous situations.  Some gamers are taking the game to extreme lengths and playing while driving their vehicles.

The Wisconsin director of public affairs for AAA, The Auto Club Group, says that trying to play this game while behind the wheel is a major distraction and can end up costing you or someone else their life.

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Around the country there have been several reports of incidents and injuries. A man in Baltimore crashed into a police car while playing the game and driving. Two men fell 50 feet off of a cliff in California while searching for Pokémon.  The game has also led to several instances of crime, including robbery.

The game is a form of distraction and one that should never be done behind the wheel of a vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving is to blame for every 1 out of 10 deaths that occur on American roadways.

Do not let a game or any other distraction put you or someone else in danger.  Keep yourself and others safe by avoiding all distractions while behind the wheel.


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