Tow Truck Driver Dies After His Truck Rolls on Him.Hands holding a sphere with the words: Accident Investigation

A worker for a repossession company has died after his tow truck rolled over him, pinning him under the wheel.

The incident happened Tuesday morning in McKeesport after the driver repossessed a truck from a resident’s home.

After driving a few blocks away, he stopped his truck to make sure the vehicle was secure and to notify his employer that the vehicle was repossessed. 

When the dispatch center did not hear back from the victim, they sent another employee to check on him. The other driver arrived on the scene to find the victim under the wheel of his own tow truck. 

Inspections will be done on both vehicles.

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Recovering compensation after an accident

Because the man was at work when the accident happened, the victim’s family may file a workers’ compensation claim. When an individual is injured on the job, they may be entitled to payment of medical bills and wage loss.

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