The lamp was available for purchase at IKEA stores for approximately four years. During that time around 23 million of the lamps were sold around the world. Of that amount, 2.9 million were purchased from stores in the United States. The popular lamps, which were available in eight different designs suitable for a child’s bedroom, were reasonably priced at between $10 and $13.

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The issue with the lamp is a defect in its design. Though the lamp is supposed to be mounted to the wall, the cord extending from it hung loose, making it possible for children to become entangled in it. This is exactly what happened on at least two occasions. In one instance a 15-month-old was nearly strangled when the child became caught in the cord. In another, a child actually did die. The youngster was only 16-months-old.

While IKEA is offering repair kits free of charge to fasten the cord to the wall, this is likely of little consolation to the parents of the child lost. Had the tragic death occurred in the U.S., the parents could potentially seek damages via a civil lawsuit. Because products liability lawsuits are generally complex, individuals considering this course of action should speak with a lawyer who handles such cases sooner rather than later.

Source: ABC News, “IKEA Recalls Lamp Following Death of Child,” Associated Press, Dec. 12, 2013

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