First and foremost, remember that there is more to a party than alcohol. Accordingly, there should be plenty of food available for consumption and attendees should not feel obligated to drink beverages with alcohol in them. To make it easy for an attendee, nonalcoholic beverages should be readily available. In addition, the food served should not be too salty.

Before the party it is a good idea to encourage attendees to identify a designated driver. In cases where someone who was planning on driving has too much to drink, you should never let that person drive. In the alternative make it easy to contact a taxi service or rideshare company. In some cases it may even be best to let that person stay on your couch.

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Drunk drivers could cause serious accidents that inflict serious injuries to those involved. In some situations the injuries are so severe that they result in death. People injured in these crashes may decide to take legal action against the drunk driver. When someone dies, their family may initiate such a case.

This is not the way that anyone wants to remember this holiday season. While those who get behind the wheel to drive should make responsible choices about driving after consuming alcoholic drinks, unfortunately this is not always the case. The actions party hosts take may help in this endeavor.

Source: MADD, “Safe Party Guide,” Accessed Dec. 8, 2014

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