According to law enforcement officers who were called to the scene teenagers in several large groups engaged in dangerous behavior including running, shoving and pushing. It resulted in at least four teens suffering injuries. Fortunately those injuries were characterized as minor and include bruises.

As a result of the incident the park has indicated that additional security officers will be added. It is also considering whether teens should have to be accompanied by a chaperone.

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In a previous post we wrote about the dangers that amusement parks can present to visitors. In that post we focused on steps visitors can take to try to reduce the risk of being hurt on a ride. We mentioned in that post that when someone is hurt on a ride they may be able to file a lawsuit against the park to try to recover damages.

Such a lawsuit is not limited to injuries that are the result of the rides however. If someone his hurt due to the behavior of other visitors it is still possible that such a lawsuit could be filed. As is the cases in the other situation working with a lawyer is advisable.

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