Dangerous toys are not just the ones which seem like they could pose an obvious danger. There are many hidden dangers in children’s toys that can result in injury and even death. Here in this post, we’re here to provide you with some tips on what to watch for in your child’s holiday gifts and even some specific toys which made the list.

Toys can pose numerous dangers to children. However, some dangers that we may not always think of include: a risk of toxic exposure, choking hazard or even a threat to a child’s hearing.

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Small parts on some toys can be removed or fall off easily. When that occurs, small children can easily fit the pieces into their mouths, potentially causing a choking danger. In addition to putting small parts into their little mouths, some of those pieces can lead to more than just choking hazards, they may also contain dangerous chemicals such as, toxic chromium and phthalate. Lastly, toys that generate sounds, like toy cellphones, can pose a risk to a child’s hearing.

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