According to KDKA-TV, the man drove a truck for Golon Masonry, despite the fact that he lacked a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license and had a DUI on his record. On May 1, 2012, he was driving north on Route 28 when he overtook an SUV that was experiencing mechanical trouble, but was still moving. “There was no excuse for this accident,” the family’s attorney said.

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Inside the SUV was a couple and at least two children, including a 6-year-old boy. The family’s lawyer said the Golon driver had 20 seconds to brake or change lanes to avoid a collision. Instead, he did nothing until 0.6 seconds before crashing into the back of the SUV, killing the 6-year-old and injuring his brother and parents.

The $32 million verdict against the Golon and the driver is believed to be one of the largest involving the death of a child in the history of Allegheny County, KDKA says. Golon was considered liable for the crash for hiring him to drive the truck despite his lack of license and spotty driving record.

Though every death from a motor vehicle crash is tragic, the death of a child this way is particularly heartbreaking.

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