Confusing One Medication for Another

Medication errors often occur when one medication is confused for another. Physicians’ handwriting can sometime be illegible, causing confusion in the pharmacy. Other times, a pharmacist might pull the wrong drug from the shelf: most pharmacies store drugs in alphabetical order, which means that drugs with similar sounding names are often found next to one another.

Taking the incorrect drug can be deadly. A drug may exacerbate a patient’s condition or interact with his other medications in a dangerous way. Patients can protect themselves, however, by asking questions and becoming as informed about their medications as possible. When receiving a prescription for a new medication, patients should ask their doctors what the name of the drug is, how it is spelled, and what it is for. When picking up the prescription at the pharmacy, patients should check the name of the drug, its dosage and directions to make sure they are the same as prescribed.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

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Source:, “10 Common Medication Mistakes That Can Kill,” Melanie Haiken.

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