Driver’s Education classes cannot teach your child everything they need to know. Driving safety should begin at home. A recent study found that parents are setting a bad example for their teens at home by engaging in dangerous driving behavior. Surveys have shown that teens are involved in fewer crashes and less risky behavior on the road when parents engage in safe driving habits and teach them early on about driving safety.

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Young drivers also need a set of rules and restrictions before heading out on the road. These can include: always wearing a seat belt, no cell phones, no speeding, no alcohol and no distractions. Explain to your teens the consequences that will occur if they become involved in a crash or receive a citation.

Most importantly, make sure you talk often with your young driver about safe driving and stick to your set of rules.

In the past month we have seen two tragic accidents involving teens in the Pittsburgh area. Presque Isle State Park had to close its gates on Saturday, June 6, when a white sedan went off the roadway and crashed. A 17-year-old passenger was killed in the accident. Police believe the driver of the vehicle was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle and went off of the roadway. On Sunday, June 21, 2015, five teens were involved in a serious car accident in Robinson Township when their car crashed into a telephone pole. Police believe the driver was adjusting the radio when the accident occurred. To read more about these stories, you can visit our blog here.

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