A 20-year-old Pittsburgh woman is likely experiencing some of those difficult moments after she drove her car into oncoming traffic. She sideswiped one vehicle and then slammed head-on into another. The Penn State student was busy looking at her phone and didn’t realize she had driven across the street’s center line, she told police after the crashes.

The student sideswiped a 70-year-old man’s car before crashing head-on into a vehicle driven by a 45-year-old woman from nearby Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. Both female drivers were hospitalized afterwards with “various injuries,” according to the Centre Daily Times.

We hope that “various injuries” means that the injuries are minor and that both recover quickly. In many head-on crashes, people suffer serious damage to different parts of their bodies, including the neck, torso, internal organs, limbs and bones.

Injuries can require surgery, physical therapy, extended hospitalization and time away from work for the healing process to complete. Unfortunately, some injuries change people’s lives forever, leaving them unable to recover completely. They have to live with pain and disabilities as a result — all because of a text or a phone call.

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