There have many reports recently of oven glass breaking spontaneously, though no serious injuries have been reported as a result. Sometimes, the breakage is caused by extreme temperatures, such as the heat used by many modern ovens in the self-cleaning function. In those cases, the heat causes breakage at any point of damage or weakness in the glass. Other times, there is no clear sign as to why the oven door breaks.

The safety glass in an oven door – or any safety glass for that matter – is considered to be functioning properly if it breaks into small chunks instead of shards when the surface shatters. Using that definition, the safety glass on most modern oven models is performing correctly. The concern of the CPSC is what will happen when the door breaks at the wrong moment. “”The agency is really concerned about this. We have not received any reports of major injuries, but we are concerned about it. We hope it is not a question of when,” said Filip.

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Oven retailers have claimed to notice a trend in more-recently manufactured ovens – the glass just doesn’t hold up as well as it used to. Oven manufacturers will generally only cover a shattered door if it occurs during the first year, because that is when it is most likely to be a faulty product. After a year, damage is more likely to be caused by an impact with pots, pans, grocery bags, or oven racks. Though damage may not appear immediately, eventually temperature variations will cause it to crack and break.

Even if the glass in your oven door remains intact, there is another danger from oven doors – tip over accidents. If an oven or stove has been improperly manufactured or installed, any weight placed on the front of the oven or the door can cause the unit to tip forward, causing burns and other possible injuries. The weight can be a heavy pan or a small child using the door to try to climb onto the counter.

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Manufacturers of stoves have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for everyday use. This rule also applies to installers of stoves and landlords. If you or a family member has suffered injuries in a stove tip-over accident, you have the right to claim compensation for your financial losses and suffering. Contact Berger and Green for an evaluation of your claim.


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