Consumer Alert Issued for Vendor at Pittsburgh Taco FestivalAllegheny County Health Department Issues Consumer Alert for Vendor at Pittsburgh Taco Festival

The Allegheny County Health Department has issued a consumer alert for one of the vendors at the Pittsburgh Taco Festival.

The department said Edgar’s Best Tacos had several health violations including unsafe cold food temperatures and cold holding units not maintaining temperature.

They also said that employees were not washing their hands before handling food and that there was no soap for washing hands.

Leaving food out too long at room temperature or having food stored at too high of a temperature, can cause bacteria to grow to dangerous levels that can cause illness.

One in six Americans get food poisoning each year.

So far, there have been no reports of illness due to the violations from the vendor at the Pittsburgh Taco Festival.

Recovering compensation after an injury from a defective product

If you can prove that your food poisoning or food-related illness was caused by a contaminated or mishandled food product, you may be able to pursue a product liability claim against the business that sold or prepared that food product. You should also contact your local health department to report the incident.

A claim against the negligent business or manufacturer for food poisoning or food- related illness or injury will seek recovery of medical bills, lost wages, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering.

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