According to a forecaster from the National Weather Service, things will get difficult when slush and rain that previously accumulated freezes.

Slippery spots are a well known hazard for winter driving. Accordingly, many people take extra precautions when driving to avoid being involved in an accident. These include avoiding roads that are too hazardous to drive and driving at speeds that are appropriate for the conditions. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow those rules. This can result in car accidents occurring. In the worst cases those accidents can result in serious injuries.

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Sometimes those injuries are minor. Other times however they are so serious that they change the life of the injured person forever. In the latter situation one is likely unprepared to have things dramatically change in such a short amount of time. This can leave them unsure of how they will get through financially and otherwise. While families have to learn how to cope with these changes, it is possible that they may be able to secure financial assistance via a lawsuit.

Few people want to have to file a lawsuit of this nature. There is good reason for this. It is a stressful experienced. Working with a lawyer who has a record of handling these cases in the past is usually a good way to help alleviate some of that stress.

Source: TIME, “Northeast’s Freezing Temperatures Could Cause Dangerous Roads,†Philip Marcelo and Denise Lavoie, Feb. 3, 2015

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