Car surfing is a dangerous activity that usually involves young people. One person will attempt to surf on the hood of a moving car while another person drives the car. Car surfing often results in serious injuries and even death. Injuries can occur at any speed. Accidents often occur when the driver makes sharp turns, changes speed, or stops. Common injuries from car surfing include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, death, and neck and back injuries that result in paralysis.

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Parents of teenagers need to be aware that this activity is common among teenagers. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that show teenagers car surfing, ghost riding, and skitching (being pulled by a car while on a skateboard). Talk to your children about car surfing and the risk of death associated with this activity. Also, talk to your children about the risk of criminal prosecution and financial responsibility if they are a driver during a car surfing accident.

The attorneys at Berger and Green have represented individuals who have been injured while car surfing. If your child was car surfing and was injured, your child may recover damages for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Parents must talk to their children about the dangers of car surfing. Car surfing is a dangerous activity with often tragic results.

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