The couple had just gotten off the bus and were crossing the street when an SUV came around the bus and struck the male victim who was in a motorized wheelchair. He and his wife, who ran to his aid, both ended up in the bus’s path. As the bus began pulling away, it struck the woman and ran the man over. Both the husband and wife died from their injuries.

The medical examiner has ruled both their deaths as accidental. The driver of the SUV stayed on the scene. An investigation of the crash is ongoing.

A vigil was held to remember the Wilkinsburg couple.

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Sadly, this type of accident seems to be happening more and more often around the Pittsburgh area. Last month, a bicyclist was killed by a vehicle in Oakland, and last week a pedestrian was killed in Monroeville Giant Eagle’s Parking lot. To read more about those incidents, visit our blog here.

In an accident such as this, because there was more than one vehicle involved, multiple claims may be pursued. These types of cases can become complex. That is why it is important to consult a personal injury attorney to make sure you are making a full recovery for your loss. No amount of money can ever compensate the victims’ family; however, it is important to file a claim to help pay for damages caused by the accident.

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