A three-month investigation into the delayed recall was performed by a former federal prosecutor. GM’s CEO says the individuals were either let go or dismissed due to misconduct, incompetence or not doing enough to try and fix the issue. The prosecutor’s report disclosed that there was no conspiracy or cover-up in the recall matter.

GM’s CEO then released that the company would create a plan to pay damages to those injured or killed due to the flawed vehicles. GM is creating the program even though they acquired protection from lawsuits when they filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

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When a person is involved in an accident that results in either death or a serious injury, they should consider filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. If the accident was due to a defect in the vehicle such as the faulty ignition switch in certain GM vehicles, there may be a product liability claim.

Although making a claim will never fill the void that is left when a loved one is lost, people do so in hopes that the error will be fixed and that other families will not have to go through the same pain as they did.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a defective vehicle or someone else’s negligence, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your claim.


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