A boat driven by a 20-year-old man hit an embankment injuring all of the individuals on board. In total 12 people were hurt in the incident. Of that amount two suffered injuries considered severe. Three others had injuries characterized as critical.

The man driving the boat was recently charged with boating under the influence. He could face more than criminal consequences however. It is possible that the people who were hurt on the boat could decide to take legal action against the man as well. They could file personal injuries lawsuits against the man in an effort to secure financial compensation for the injuries they suffered. Because of the expenses that often accompany such injuries, when people in this situation are successful in their lawsuit, the money secured is often put toward covering those costs.

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Lawsuits of this nature can be difficult to navigate. This is particularly true when one is filing a lawsuit against a friend. Because of this when pursuing this option it is important to work with a lawyer who understands the steps that need to be taken for the best chance of securing positive results.

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