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Google is testing automated driver technology in California, but it is not the only one. Uber, the ride-sharing company, and Carnegie Mellon University recently announced they have formed a partnership to create their own version. To that end, Uber has opened what it calls an Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, where CMU researchers will work.

Testing self-driving cars here will give researchers advantages that Google will not have in California. Western Pennsylvania weather is more seasonal, giving testers the opportunity to measure automated technology’s ability to navigate through ice, snow and potholes.

Meanwhile, a state workgroup is figuring out how to make Pennsylvania ready for self-driving cars by 2040. It is possible that traffic laws and road construction will have to adjust to make the use of automated vehicles possible.

That year may sound like the distant future, but it’s only 24 years away. In other words, many, if not most, of our readers will ride in a self-driving vehicle someday. Once this becomes common, alcohol and distraction will no longer lead to car accidents.

Until then, thoughtless and dangerous drivers will continue to put the public in danger. Innocent people will get seriously hurt, and need an experienced personal injury attorney to help them get the compensation they need.

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