The victim was found next to a bucket truck by nearby coworkers. None of the tree service’s employees witnessed the accident but said they saw the victim in the bucket truck before they found him on the ground.

The Butler County chief deputy coroner says that the man did not fall from the bucket truck. Based off of the head injuries he sustained, he believes that the bucket truck came down and struck a headstone which then ejected the worker. The worker then crashed into the truck after he was ejected.

Police are treating this as a work-related incident and an investigation is currently being conducted.

If found that the machine was in fact defective, a product liability claim may be filed against the manufacturer of the truck. Manufactures are responsible for providing safe and reliable products and equipment for consumers.

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Because the man was at work when the accident happened, the victim’s family may file a workers’ compensation claim. When an individual is injured on the job, they may be entitled to payment of medical bills and wage loss for their time off of work.

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Source:, “Tree worker found dead in Zelienople cemetery.”

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