More than 187,000 injuries among the elderly are connected to accidents on stairs every year. To a younger adult, stairs might not pose a red flag for risk. When someone’s ability to balance and overall mobility capabilities decline, however, all of the sudden stairs become a danger.

Also, in older age, bones become more vulnerable to fracture. Healing from an injury becomes a longer process as well. The medical care and recovery time/process, therefore, can present high costs to a victim of a stairwell accident. If a fall could have been prevented through a property manager’s proper upkeep of a stairway or through the proper care of a supposedly trained caregiver, someone who’s been injured on the stairs could file a personal injury claim. 

Carpets, rugs and other flooring

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As with the other dangerous items we have mentioned in this elderly safety post series, carpets, rugs and flooring are things we all encounter every day. Whether we are at the office, at a mall, in an apartment building, or at a restaurant, flooring is something we all must brave. For a population with compromised balance, mobility and sometimes vision, safely navigating potentially dangerous flooring conditions is not easy. It becomes too easy to trip and fall over carpets and rugs, so easy that more than 385,000 injuries occur as a result of such accidents every year. 

If there is something wrong with the flooring that a property owner should and could have fixed, a victim of a fall accident could have justification to sue for premises liability. Flooring shouldn’t pose a clear and preventable risk of injury to the elderly or anyone. 

There is enough danger in the world. When real risks can be mitigated, property owners must take action to prevent injuries that could seriously impact a victim’s well-being.

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