The young man at the wheel had driven just a half-mile from his Millvale home when he lost control of his Ford Mustang. The speeding car careened off the road, hitting a mailbox, tearing through the yard and then striking the little girl and her mom.

The 20-year-old driver later told police that he had been drinking beer and smoking marijuana.

A neighbor said she heard a “terrible bang,” ran outside and found the little girl on the ground with glow sticks scattered around her. The girl died a few hours later at a nearby hospital.

The driver smelled of alcohol, police reported. The man allegedly tried to leave the scene after the crash, but was stopped by witnesses. He called his mother, the neighbor told a Pittsburgh newspaper, and said, “Mom, I just ruined my life.”

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He might be right about that. More important, however, is the fact that he ended a little girl’s life. His speeding car — going at least 50 mph in a 25 mph residential zone, witnesses said — also nearly hit the little girl’s sister. Though it did strike the mother, flipping her into the air, she was apparently not seriously injured.

In these kinds of situations, the horrific memories last forever — for the mother and for the daughter who escaped injury.

In similar situations, there will be many questions that will have to be answered in the pursuit of justice for the little girl and her family. The young man had had 10 beers that day before the fatal crash, he told police, and had also smoked marijuana. He had reportedly spent the day in the company of his mother and sister.

Why was an underage man allowed to drink alcohol? Why he allowed to drink, smoke weed and drive? There are so many questions for him and for others to answer.

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